by B-Ride

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recorded on my dad's old 8 track
it's weird, but i guess it's not acoustic


released June 25, 2015

track 7 - i thought paul made up the bass riff, but it's actually lou reed. sorry.



all rights reserved


B-Ride New York, New York

I like writing songs.

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Track Name: mom
you saw me at the payphone by your mom's house
i was just checking in on the dogs
the black lab with a bum knee got put down last week
i'm just making sure your mom is okay

no it's not weird that i'm making sure your mom is okay
Track Name: shoes
i fell asleep on the train yesterday
i woke up without any shoes
i spent the rest of my day without any shoes
and i was mad as hell

walking on the street
i saw my shoes on another man's feet
i felt the anger rise like a stack of smoke
but i was patient so i followed him

on the prowl i found a guy named mike
he said "please will you fix my bike?"
i changed the sprocket and sanded the frame
and i got back on the tail of the man who the blisters on my feet could blame

i followed the guy to the liquor store
and i strolled in like i had 3 and a quarter days before
and i saw the guy and i said
"please, i really gotta get those shoes back - i gotta - i gotta - i gotta gotta gotta get those shoes back"
and guy said "okay, take the shoes back i don't want them any more.
you don't wanna hear the contents of my day"

so i took the shoes and i walked out the door
Track Name: ukulele daughter
last saturday i dreamt that
i was hiding in a closet space
with my little ukulele daughter

we were hiding from the monsters
she sensed all around her
and i told her it would be okay

i was sporting a kitchen knife
that shined like a thousand lights
suddenly an urge came like a blanket - over me
and i sliced right down my baby's soft soft belly

and i cried - and i killed
and i cried - cuz i killed her
and i cried - and never forgot
and i cried - because i loved her
Track Name: bull
sometimes i lie even though i say 'i love you'
and i swear that it doesn't reflect on anything about you

you're fine
you're good
you're great

sometimes i just talk myself into bullshit
gather up my petty problems to your friends while we sit and wait
for something interesting to happen
instead of doing it ourselves

if i lie you'll know
but if i don't you'll go
Track Name: hair
I woke up this morning and i cut my hair
It was getting way too long so i figured "I should cut it"
So i cut my hair

The way that you looked at me made me feel like someone else
I remember 6 and a quarter months ago when we found that municipal dump
You told me you'd never leave me
That neither you nor I would ever feel despair
But now my head is bare - my heart is filled with rocks that will confine me to this chair
If i could promise you one thing
I'll break this god damned chair

I'll start reading more and realize you're not that important to me
And your postcard will arrive 5 seconds late
But I won't be here to even see
I'll be 6 and a quarter miles away
Burning that filthy dump to the ground
The ghosts of you and me will be disturbed from that squalid place of lukewarm dreams and spectral desires

But i'm more concerned with temporal things
And I know your postcard didn't make it in time
I'll say i forgive you when you ask in 7 years
But we both know you're 6 and quarter years too late

And i've grown back a full, brown, beautiful head of hair
Track Name: sweaty palms
here comes the man
who no one would dare breath next to
because he has sweaty palms
they build ladders to get over him
he's the focal point of the next multi-million dollar bridge

sweaty palms aren't that big of a deal
but people like to judge for all sorts of petty shit

here comes the woman
who no man would dare sleep with
because she doesn't shave underneath her knees
men ask and ask "why don't you shave there?"
and she says "why would i have to shave there?"

sweaty palms aren't that big of a deal
but people like to judge for all sorts of petty shit
Track Name: paul's song
i'll sit and lay in my bed
you'll sit and lay in yours
we'll sit and lay and think about how we're not conjoined like before

i'll see you at a starbucks
you'll have that iced mocha latte in hand
i'll want to look your way, but i'll know that i just can't

i want to go to sleep with you on a meadow of uniform grass
no patches
no dirt
to soil our t shirts
the worst consequence we'll face is some grass stains on our new t shirts
we'll be laughing and rolling and shoving each other on the warm earth

i will be blind
if you are the curse that made me blind
i will cut myself
if you will drink my blood

i fill feel whole
we will be whole
Track Name: door
i saw you come in through the door
i saw you take off your coat
i saw the blank expression on your face
and i saw you stand there
like a ghost
with no motives
and no hope

i won't call you out right now
i'll let you slide past
i know you're killing yourself
i just hope it won't last
i just hope it won't last
Track Name: young
when i was a young boy
i learned to keep the pieces out of my head

when i was a young boy
i learned to keep the witches out of my homestead
Track Name: elephant
the elephant comes down on the weekend
he needs a break from his girlfriend
he chews on those leaves that he loves so much
he chews on those leaves that he loves so much

the elephant's sad that he hasn't done much
he laughs with his friends when they're drinking too much
he sees what he can and it's never quite enough
he sees what he can and it's never quite enough